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Here are our products divided into categories for your convenience.


Water Base DegreasersWater Base Degreasers




MPSI-3001 : Water Soluble Solvent Cleaner Degreaser Biodegradable

MPSI-3031 : Degreasing Powder Floors

MPSI-3101 : Cleaner, Powerful Degreaser and EmulfifierApproved by Health Canada

MPSI-3301 : Purpose Degreaser


Solvent Base DegreasersSolvent Base Degreasers




MPSI-4001 : Industrial Degreaser Natural Emulsifying Solvents

MPSI-4301 : Industrial Degreaser Non-Chlorinated Solvents






MPSI-5011 : Industrial Detergent with Quick Split - Approved by Health Canada

MPSI-5091 : Ammonia Glass Cleaner






MPSI-6101 : Hard Surfaces Renovator / Paint and Glue Stripper

MPSI-6121 : Smooth Surfaces Graffiti Remover

MPSI-6131 : Biodegradable Graffiti Remover for Porous and Unpainted Surfaces

MPSI-6181 : Stripper and restorer for wood

MPSI-6321 : Smooth Surfaces Graffiti Remover

MPSI-6331 : Graffitis Paint Stripper - Cold Weather

MPSI-6381 : Wood Brightener / Neutralizer






MPSI-7001 : Deodorizer Odor Control (Citrus)

MPSI-7101 : Portable Toilet Treatment (Concentrated)

MPSI-7201 : Portable Toilet Treatment (Diluted)

MPSI-7301 : Disinfectant Quaternary


Surface ProtectionSurface Protection




MPSI-8001 : Green Sealer for Porous Surfaces

MPSI-8242 : Waxing tires


Acidic Cleaning ProductsAcidic Cleaning Products




MPSI-9001 : Ecological Detergent Based Organic Acid

MPSI-9003 : Biodegradable concret cleaner with organic base

MPSI-9101 : Cement Mixer Cleaner Concentrate

MPSI-9151 : Aluminum and stainless steel cleaner

MPSI-9161 : Restorative cleaner for stainless steel and aluminum